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The team at Muscle Elements was integral in the development of the very first pre workout to hit market back in 2004. Since that time, the meaning of what a pre workout is supposed to be has gone from an all-inclusive energy, focus, strength and pump supplement to a simple cocktail of designer stimulants and quasi-focus boosters. Gone are the pumps and endurance boosters, only to be found in a separate product that you have to purchase.

This led the team at Muscle Elements to once again save the supplement industry from itself by releasing a true pre workout in PreCre. While most other brands would be content to rest on their laurels or possibly resort to cost-cutting maneuvers, all in pursuit of increasing their bottom line, Muscle Elements did the exact opposite…

They sought to do the impossible -- build an even better pre workout than PreCre, one more extreme and “hardcore”. And they’ve done it with PreCre XS.

What is PreCre XS?

PreCre XS takes all of the amazing benefits of the original PreCre and pushes them to the Xtreme. No longer do you have to choose between high stims OR performance based pre workouts, now you get it all and more with PreCre XS.

by Muscle Elements


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With each serving of PreCre XS you can expect:

  • More intense energy
  • Tighter focus
  • Greater strength
  • Endless endurance
  • Powerful muscle pumps

You demanded a harder, heavier-hitting pre workout and Muscle Elements has delivered it all, and more, with PreCre XS.

PreCre XS Benefits

  • Promotes Xtreme energy and focus*
  • Promotes Xtreme strength, power, & lean muscle mass*
  • Promotes Xtreme muscle fullness from glycogen compensation and nitric oxide*
  • Supports Xtreme resistance to fatigue & physical performance*
  • Supports Xtreme muscle growth*
  • Amazing flavors

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