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Muscle Elements Amino PM

Sleep better with the king of night time recovery.

No matter if you’re a regular 9-to-5er, collegiate student, or competitive athlete, you’re probably dealing with a crisis. We’re not talking about a financial crisis, or energy crisis, or even a crisis of conscience.

The kind of crisis we’re talking about goes deeper than that, and seemingly affects 99% of everyone on the planet (and probably yours too). The crisis we’re talking about is getting quality night’s sleep.

Sleep is critical for muscle repair, recovery and growth. It’s also essential for cognitive function, preventing weight gain and overall health.

The problem is, so many struggle to power down at night due to the stressors of everyday life, chronic caffeine consumption, and bombardment from blue light. Ultimately, this leaves you tired, weary, and under recovered, which not only stunts growth but hinders performance too.

You need a way to shut down at night, turn off your brain, and drift off into a deep, restorative sleep.

That’s precisely why Muscle Elements created PowerDown Amino PM!

by Muscle Elements

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What is PowerDown Amino PM?

Amino PM is a nighttime sleep and muscle recovery aid unlike anything you’ve seen before. This 6-in-1 product packs in everything needed to repair, recover and reset your mind and body for maximum athletic performance and muscle growth.

The elements in PowerDown AminoPM™ were designed to prime your body and keep you anabolic during deep restful sleep. You will experience more GH release*, more REM sleep, a relaxed mind and a refreshed mood with every serving.

But that’s not all, in addition to a fully array of essential amino acids, AminoPM also contains adrenal gland reset elements that will naturally support hormone regulation* and stress levels while decreasing tolerance to stimulants*.

AminoPM fills the gaps in your daily supplementation and provides true recovery like you’ve never experienced.

Amino PM Benefits

  • Increases GH Release*
  • Promotes Muscle Recovery*
  • Encourages Deep Sleep*
  • Supports Adrenal Cleansing*
  • Aids Mental Rejuvenation*
  • Promotes an Anabolic State*
  • No groggy or hungover feelings the next morning*

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